Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Magic: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a natural source

This is a picture of me holding my mom's hand before she passed away.  I knew she was getting closer to the end of her physical journey here on earth but holding her hand made me feel like I was home.  At this point of her illness with Alzheimer's verbal communication  was very minimal.  She was aware of my presence but did not speak.  Prayer was our connection to each other.  Our own little world consisted of singing the rosary. She would respond to me and why wouldn't she?  After all, my parents were the people responsible for keeping faith in my heart alive, they planted the seed, nurtured it and watched it bloom.  So holding her hand was like magic.  Mama had that magical power to make me feel safe.  So it is my belief and my hope that me holding her hand was a way of reminding mama of her magic for me.

Now holding the hands of my grandchildren I often feel their magic.  Their trust is given freely whenever they hold my hand and immediately my heart smiles.  
If I am fortunate enough,  I hope that if need be,  one day they will remind me of my magic. 

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