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Hola & Welcome!  my name is Margarita which means "Daisy" in Spanish.  I am named after my grandmother whom I never met.  My dad always told me I had her personality.  My mom was very close to her mother and again I was not blessed to have met her either.  So I lived not ever meeting my grandmothers but only through stories my parents shared with me.  I do believe they were and always will be beautiful spirits that watch over us.  Entering the autumn of my life I have been blessed to see the circle of life begin with being a child, having children, taking care of my parents and watch them go heaven.  Then in an instant life begins again and new  life continues I find that my journey may not be an Oscar or Nobel Prize winner... but it is mine.  I am not college educated but I believe I am "life" educated.  While on this journey I have learned a lot of what to do and what not  to do.  And I am still learning!  I like to believe that I continue to fill brain cells even if I am doing it at slower rate.  My goal for this blog is share my journey in the next phase of my life with my grandchildren and meet others, new parents or "recycled" ones... anyone  who is doing the same and would like to share ideas, advice and whatever.  Anything that can help us get through the day and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Gracias ~ all for visiting my tiny space in the blog world.  

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